Section 7

Grooming F.A.Q.s

The most frequently asked questions are down below. If you can’t find an answer to your questions here, please give us a call.

As our email inbox is constantly flooded with emails, we are only able to book appts through phone calls. Please give us a call at 1-253-517-3658 and we will schedule your appointment at a convenient time for you. Please always call ahead for ALL services - we want to accommodate you! We appreciate your time and your business.
We usually estimate about 3-3.5 hours for a groom dog and 1.5 hours for a bath dog. Ask us about our Zoom Groom!
A groom dog is typically a dog who needs hair cutting and trimming of the fur such as shih tzus, maltese, doodles, etc. A bath dog is usually a lab or boxer, who has shorter fur and doesn't require hair cutting.
We are the area's only cat groomer. If you've been trying to find an expert cat groomer, your search is over. Our experienced staff loves cats and it shows. Visit us for gentle grooming for your feline companion.
Your dogs get to enjoy kennel-free waiting. Your dog may socialize in a kennel-free, play environment if he or she is neutered or spayed, has proper vaccinations, and plays well with others. Make an appointment today.
Of course! Although we have a kennel-free salon, not all dogs are allowed to socialize at will. In order to have floor privileges your dog must play well with others, be fully vaccinated and current on Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, and Bordetella, and well-mannered. Male dogs who excessively mark will be allowed to be on the floor but ONLY with a belly-band, which we will gladly supply. Female dogs in heat ARE NOT allowed to be on the floor.
Although we will do our best to accommodate you if you call the salon and state that you may not make it in time, there may be late charges incurred for late drop-offs and especially for late pick-ups. Please also read our no-show/no-call policy.
After 3 no-call/ no-shows, we can no longer reserve dates and times for you, and can only take you on a same-day basis, if possible. Please let us know ASAP if you are unable to make your appointment so that the time slot can be available to others.
Yes, we do! We are experienced in dealing with large and also difficult dogs.
If your long-haired dog has not been groomed professionally for more than 2 months, in all probability your dog will need to have a shorter haircut. Depending on the extent of the matting, your dog will either be shaved down or given a shorter 'do'. These are the most humane and less stressful options we can offer. When we say that your dog is matted, it is never a judgement against you but a fact that must be covered so you know that your dog will be shaved down so there will be no surprises.
Yes! Please inform us when making an appointment that you suspect your dog or cat may have fleas. We will require that your pet must first be treated topically with a good treatment such as Advantage so as not to compromise other pets in the salon. If, after drop-off your pet is found with fleas, we will call you right away and inform you that your pet will be treated and given a flea bath ranging from $20 - $28 depending on the size of your pet.
Unfortunately, no. Due to the nature of our business we must speak to you on the phone in order to match your pet to the right groomer by asking a number of questions. We are very thorough in gathering as much information on your pet as we can so we may better assist them to be comfortable.